About Amanda and Christy

About Amanda and Christy

April 23, 2017

Good morning! This is Christy writing today and I want to share some info about Amanda and I. We want for you to get to know us, as we want to know all of you! Please feel free to drop us a line anytime about anything!

I'll start with me and I'll let Amanda tell you her bio. I am a 32 year old, mommy to three kids aged 7, 5, and 4. I also have been the wife of a hard working electrician for 7 years. I am also a registered nurse and proud to admit I have been for a whole decade! I work for a large hospital in Indiana and this also is the place that Amanda and I met.

We have been working together for 3 years and have been the friends we are now for all three of those years. Have you ever met someone and instantly knew you were going to be friends? Well that's the way it was with Amanda and me. We quickly realized that we have the exact same sense of humor, extreme use of sarcasm, ability to mean to each other and enjoy it and our love of clothes! This is the reason we named our boutique "Cut From the Same Cloth." In fact everyone at work remarks on how eerily similar we are and we frequently get asked is we are sisters!

We have always enjoyed shopping together whether online or in stores for cute, versatile work clothes that we would also want to wear outside of work too. We loved boutiques and the unique, one of kind type clothes that could help our wardrobe stand out. But we were also tired of paying high prices. Those high prices were actually the "Aha!" moment we both had when the idea came to us. Opening a boutique started out as a fun hypothetical conversation to pass the time at work. The longer we talked about it the more it began to sound like something we would be successful at.

Here we are several months later and we are living our dream. We are able to provide the type of clothing we love (unique, versatile, affordable, stylish, trendy clothing) at amazingly affordable prices. I hope you feel like you know me and our story better now. I believe that we can provide you with clothing that will help you stand out but not break the bank!! Thank you and have a great day.