Happy Tuesday!

May 09, 2017

Hi Ladies! Amanda writing to you today. Last week Christy wrote a blog letting you know a bit about her and now it is my turn! To be honest, I wasn't really sure what to write as I consider myself pretty boring! I am a 29 year old professional working with insurance and claims in a large hospital system. I am lucky enough to work with a great group of ladies including Christy! We have a great friendship both in and out of work. We have the same sense of humor and have basically developed a language of inside jokes that even our significant others don't understand! Going into business together was something we had discussed for a long time. We have a similar taste in fashion and knew we wanted to share this with others!

I also have a fantastic boyfriend who is funny, smart, hardworking and supports all my crazy ideas (like starting a boutique with Christy).I practice hot yoga 3-5 times in a week at a local studio. I love it both for the physical and mental challenge it provides me. I also appreciate it as a time to be step away from the demands of my busy life and be "unplugged" for a while! Finally, I am an avid cross stitcher in my spare time! It may sound a bit dorky but it is super relaxing, and I love creating pictures for friends and family.

When it comes to fashion I tend to gravitate toward classic colors and lines. I love stripes, blocking, and polka dots. I want clothes that are low maintenance and fit comfortably. I also love a good bargain! That was one of the goals Christy and I had when creating this boutique. We want all of our customers to feel that they are getting something awesome for a great value and we really feel like we have done that! I love dresses especially shift and A-Line dresses. I was so excited when the weather started warming and I could break out all my favorite short dresses and sandals! I also have somewhat of an obsession with cardigans. I wear them with everything! Cardigans are so versatile and really tie together an outfit. They're like Pringles... you can't have just one.

As we continue to grow our store please let us know if there are things you want to see us carry. We are open to suggestions and want to be your one stop shop for boutique clothing. Feel free to message us here, on Instagram, or Facebook. Talk to you soon!