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Hello! It has been a llooonng time since Amanda or I have written on this blog so I wanted to take some time to get you all caught up to date. 

We've upped our game in the picture department and we really enjoy modeling in all our clothes. We give you the in and outs of fit, feel, and whatever else may need to be known. Amanda and I are not models (we both wear a medium in tops and size 10 on bottoms) so you know how clothes will look on a real body. Our MAIN goal is to make sure you are comfortable! So we do not hesitate to share our heights and weights so you know the fit will be great! We've also made a huge effort in the detail section of the clothing so there is never any surprises. If we find an issue with a piece of clothing we will share and explain. Not only do we want you to be comfortable in your clothes but also comfortable with your purchases.

I will be back soon to give you more updates on how we are improving the store to make buy easier and better!



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