Love/hate Relationship

May 01, 2017

Hey guys it's Christy here! I want to start by saying summer is my favorite season. I love the hot weather,I love playing with my kids outside, I love suntans, I love swimming, I love lightning bugs (Is that what everyone else calls them?) and I love the bright colors!! However after saying all that I will admit I hate summer clothes! I am a short-ish curvy woman. I always feel so self conscious in a little tank and a pair of booty shorts. Plus I have a big chest. My girls need lots of support and control. Now I'm not saying I look bad in them or anyone with my shape shouldn't wear them. I'm just saying I feel uncomfortable! ย So tiny strap tanks or tube tops are not my thing. That's why it's so much better this summer. I get to pick all the clothes for my very own store!! Dresses work perfect for me. They give me that amazing summer color and I feel super comfortable. ย This is big part of my "mission." I want to provide clothes that complement all body types, help women feel comfortable while still looking stylish. Let me know what you think about our summer spring options. Is it fitting what you need/want? Are there enough options? I truly want to hear from you all!!