Get to know us

Hello! Welcome to Cut From The Same Cloth Boutique! We could not be happier to have you here with us. We thought we would take this space and share a few things about us.


We started this boutique in 2017 but we’ve been best friends much longer. In fact we met in 2014 after Christy took a job in the same office where Amanda was working. It did not take long for us to realize that we “share a brain” and it’s been a great friendship ever since. In fact we often get asked if we are sisters because we act so much alike. We love when people ask us that!

It took many, many, many months for Christy to convince Amanda that this Boutique was something that HAD to be done! We worked in an office setting that required business casual wear and we could never find cute clothes for our awesome 28ish year old selves. We knew what we liked and did our research. We got started and never looked back. We open our first physical location in 2018 in Boonville, IN. We greatly enjoy the community and love being a part of the small town shopping. 

Since starting this boutique we have changed slightly what we offer and it works for the both of us. Even though we are best friends are lives are pretty different. Christy is a stay at home mom currently, but was a RN for 13 years prior (and still is and will once again practice!) Christy also has 3 Children and has been married 10+ years. Amanda is a full time Privacy Office (I know, right! So official) at a local hospital. She has her masters degree in Hospital Administration and is a pretty big deal. Amanda was recently married in 2020 and is working on growing her family.